Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon


I'm still catching up on my "I want to write about..." posts. I think this is the last post I wanted to make about my recent trip to the DC area. After I finished my class on Friday, I had the pleasure and honor of visiting some of my friends for supper.

I had previously planned to meet estherchaya and sethcohen that evening at their home, but the hurricane wreaked havoc on the power grid and they found themselves without electricity, which would have apparently made supper preparations difficult. Fortunately, bodnej and his wife kindly opened up their home and we all had a great evening. They had gas cooking appliances, so the fact that there was no power was no problem.

I arrived much earlier than expected, as my class got out early and instead of just hanging around for a few hours, I went on over. estherchaya was already there getting supper ready. A little bit later, bodnej showed up and he was wearing a suit, which was kinda weird to see on him, but he did look good. Regardless, he quickly changed clothes. After a little bit, sethcohen arrived, and the party was complete.

Now, the perils of waiting several weeks to write about this surface. I will probably rearrange the order of events slightly.

It was really interesting to share supper with all of my friends, because it was Shabbos. There was a bit of reading and singing in Hebrew, which I was able to follow along with some. I have got to say -- the Jews have great songs. I could listen to Jewish music for a long time. And then, maybe a little more. The Jewish customs that I observed fascinate me.

After a very yummy veal supper, we retired to the living room for a rousing game of Apples To Apples, which is the coolest game I've played in a long time. We played it twice before I had to go on to meet my brother. It was lots and lots of fun and a great way to end my visit to the DC area.

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