Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

State of the CarrieAnne

I love CarrieAnne, my new pickup truck. Last week, I finally got some time to take her out to get a bedliner. After about two and a half months, it was about time.

The main reason I hadn't put a bedliner in yet was because I was looking into RhinoLinings as an alternative to a drop-in liner. Well, I decided to go for it and took CarrieAnne to the local RhinoLining dealer, which is an hour's drive away. Friday morning, Mrs. Mellow and I got up and made the trek out to the dealer and I got back in time to not even be late for work. Then, when evening rolled around, we went back to pick CarrieAnne up. So it was a lot of driving to get the bedliner installed, but it was worth it.

I'm really impressed with the RhinoLining. It was still a little tacky when I picked it up on Friday. The lady at the dealership told me not to load anything in the bed for at least a day because the lining needed some time to cure. Until it had some time to set, I would run the risk of the lining taking the form of whatever I put in it. That made sense. It wasn't going to be a problem, because I didn't have plans to haul anything anyway. It's been really humid lately and we've had a bit of rain, so I bet that's slowed down the curing process some.

Last night, I was showing the lining to sidelobe and noticed it was still a little bit tacky. This morning, before I went to work, I checked it and it seemed to have lost all tackiness. It's really nice. I'm going to enjoy having a RhinoLining in CarrieAnne for years to come.

I'd post pictures, but they would look remarkably similar to the pictures at the RhinoLining website, so just go to their site and check out the pictures there.

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