September 26th, 2001


The Glass House

I heard on the radio this morning, and again on the local news this evening, that many movie theaters were donating the proceeds of today's business to relief in New York. So my wife and I decided to go see "The Glass House" (trailer | official site).

Hmmm. Really interesting movie. Maybe, anyway. It's rare for me to walk away from a film and not know what I thought about it. I definitely can say this, however. I thoroughly enjoyed the film while watching it. It's classified as a "thriller" and I found that it was written well enough to keep me from figuring out the next plot point too quickly. Even though it was fairly predictable, I found that I was only figuring things out as quickly as the main character was. So I haven't decided whether or not I like the overall writing. The rest of the movie, however, was great. Some of the camera work, lighting, sound, etc. could not have been better. And it's got a creepy (but appropriate) soundtrack. And as a bonus, I was happy to see that Apple's iBook and wireless networking was prominantly featured.

I doubt I'll go see it in the theater again, but I'm really looking forward to renting it when it's released on DVD so I can take a more detailed look at the film. I suspect that some potentially interesting scenes were left on the cutting room floor. Some of the scenes in the trailer, for example, didn't make it into the final cut.

Anyway, it's an interesting movie. I think I recommend it, but ask me again in a few days to make sure.
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OK. All the geeks in LJ seem to be chiming in with their thoughts about the new Trek series. So I will too.

I liked it. But I probalby won't manage to make sure to watch it every week. We'll see.