September 29th, 2001


Mac OSX, Version 10.1

Ahhhhh.... The long wait is over. After being told Tuesday by my local CompUSA that they weren't getting any copies of the free upgrade of Max OSX 10.1 to distribute, I heard a rumor yesterday that they were. A quick call this morning confirmed it it. So I jumped in the truck an hustled out for my copy. No muss, no fuss, they just haded me a copy when I asked about it.

I'm going to back up my user directory to my external firewire drive and kick off the install. Reports on the web indicate it will take at least a half hour.
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OS X 10.1 appears to be happy on my iBook. A simple no-muss, no-fuss installation. In fact, I kicked it off and went to play the piano for 30 minutes. Came back downstairs and it was done and happy.

I think it's time to do the happy dance of joy.
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Don't Say A Word

We went to see "Don't Say A Word" (trailer | official site) tonight. I left the movie thinking that while it didn't actually stink, it came dangerously close to stinking.

I was wrong. It did stink.

I'm going to write Michael Douglas and ask for my money back.
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