November 13th, 2001


Brunswick Stew and Southern Hospitality

Well, it's that time of year again. Churches, fire stations, civic organizations, etc. start flooding the community with Brunswick Stew. I supported my church's Men's group by picking up a couple of quarts from them. My wife and I promptly devoured a quart and put the other in the freezer for later consumption.

I was reminded of a supper we had a few weeks ago. My parents were visiting and we also invited my aunt and uncle (OK, technically great-aunt and great-uncle) over. The doorbell rings and there's our guests, not with flowers or wine, but with a quart of frozen Brunswick Stew.

My friends, you know you're loved by someone in the South when they show up at your door with Brunswick Stew as a hostess gift.
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A taste of Cuba

One of my wife's friends has been visiting from out-of-town yesterday and today. The two of them headed off to a Pampered Chef party last night and I took the opportunity to spend some quality time on the back porch with a fine Cuban cigar that an old friend recently gave me.

It's been a few months since I've had a cigar and the last time I had a Cuban was on our honeymoon cruise almost a year ago. It was absolutely perfect. Last night was chilly enough to let me know that fall was upon me, but not so cold that I needed anything more than my long sleeved shirt. And that cigar. Even though it had obviously seen better days (probably due to the fact that it had travelled from Cuba to Europe to the West Coast before making it to North Carolina), it was still quite tasty. And so very relaxing. I had forgotten how well a good Romeo y Julieta finishes. And, combined with the still air last night, the draw of this puro was perfect for blowing exquisite smoke rings.

With the recent stresses of work and life all around me, a little taste of Cuba last night was just what the doctor ordered.
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A taste of Hondoras?

Eh. The Baccarat is nowhere near as good as the Cuban I had last night, but between my two humidors, I've got about a hundred of them that I'd stockpiled over the years. They've been my standard "give-away" cigar, but since I've not hosted a poker part at my house for over a year and a half, I've had few opportunities to give them away.

Anyway, the Baccarat is a fine cigar. Mild enough to not intimidate novice cigar smokers, yet flavorful enough for me to continue to enjoy them. And they were cheap enough when I bought them (I don't know what they go for now) for me to be able to afford them. It's a nice "everyday" smoke.

Becoming Ordained

For some time now, I've felt the calling from God to enter the professional ministry. (I qualify it as professional because all Christians are called to minister in some form or another, some are called to make it their avocation.) There's the matter of seminary, the lifestyle change that will occur as I adjust to the reality that pastors don't make nearly as much money as software developers, etc. It's not something to step into lightly. So I try to get my ducks lined up so I'll be ready when God starts pushing me harder and opening doors to make it logistically feasible for me to embark on the career change.

And today I get an e-mail telling me just how easy it can be to get ordained. One could think that my questions are all answered.

(Please note that I in no way endorse the following method of ordination. I merely found it humorous given that ordination is something that I sincerely aspire.)

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I love my AirPort

As you may have picked up if you've monitored my recent journal activity, the reason everyone is blessed with my odd ramblings right now is Apple's AirPort and my iBook. I decided to step outside to enjoy a fine cigar. Since it takes a while to smoke a cigar, I usually take a book or magazine outside to read while I relax. Today, I decided to live it up wirelessly on my Mac. With the new iBook, the iPod, OS X, the low-cost iMacs, and the AirPort, I think Apple is on their way to regaining respectability in the market again. That makes me happy.

Well, unfortunately, it's a wee bit colder than it was last night and my fingers are about to freeze. So I better head in. Besides, I want to put on a load of laundry before "Buffy."