November 20th, 2001


Horrible Affliction

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New York City

My wife and I spent our one-year anniversary (which was Sunday) in New York this weekend. We left Friday morning and got back in yesterday afternoon. We had a great time. I've spent a good deal of time catching up with my LJ friends today, but I hope to post some of the fun details about our trip when I get a chance. Teaser: you haven't lived until you hijack the set-list of an acoustic duo in a bar in the Village and force them to play country music when they claim not to know any.

colors for my friends

No, I haven't had time to post about my New York trip yet, but I have had time to go through and reorganize the colors that are assigned to my "friends" in the OCD way I've been wanting to do for some time now. I chose the highly scientific method of assigning colors by making the foreground for everyone white, and for the background I just picked the next available color from the drop-down box, with a few exceptions (I assigned myself white on black, e.g.).

I'll be tweaking the colors over the next [insert unspecified amount of time] and this is where all my friends come in. If you don't like the color my scientific method picked for you, let me know how you'd rather be represented and I'll do my best to accommodate you. If you do like the color to which you were assigned, let me know and I won't switch you out. Rules: the foreground color must be white and no two users will share the same color combination. Exceptions may be made, but will be rare.

Feel free to use the comments to grovel for a different color or fight amongst yourselves for the highly coveted combinations. Please note that requests that are accompanied with bribes are more likely to be honored.

New York, Friday (or Learning to Fly)

We left for the airport only a few minutes later than I had hoped, but we still had plenty of time. Getting our "real ticket" from our e-ticket was a breeze, as was going through security. My belt buckle set off the detector, but I'm used to that. It was really cool seeing the military guys with their big guns strolling about the airport.
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