December 12th, 2001


Christmas Card w00t!

Last night, I addressed all the cards for the students in my Sunday School class (save three that I don't have an address for yet). My lovely wife was kind enough to help by writing the inside greetings for us. I am so lucky!

This is much later in the season than I wanted it to be for writing and sending cards, but, well, you know it's funny how time slips away. I should be able to track down the three missing addresses today.

My goal is to do the ones for our family and friends by this weekend. Should be attainable!

A BONUS POINT goes out to the first person to name the song title and identify it's composer hidden within this journal entry.
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    If I told you, it would be cheating!


After my post this morning where I played the "find the song title hidden in my post" game, I just had to go home for lunch and pick up my copy of "Healing Hands Of Time" (see -- I really, really need the iPod) to listen to this afternoon.

This is the album I used to listen to after a tough day at work. When I first moved to Greensboro, back before I quit drinking altogether, but after I had quit drinking immaturely, I had a habit of coming home from a tough day at work -- they were almost all tough back then -- and pouring a glass of Jack Daniels over ice and grabbing a fine cigar. I'd hit the "play" button on the CD player and stroll onto the porch and relax, sipping the whiskey, puffing the cigar, listening to the orchestral renditions of Willie Nelson classics, and watching the sun set over the Wal-Mart. This was back when I used to paint bad watercolor paintings.

Ahhh.... Those were the days.
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    Willie Nelson: Healing Hands of Time