December 17th, 2001


busy weekend

What a busy weekend. Friday night, Meredith and I went out to eat before catching the traveling production of "Annie Get Your Gun." I love that musical. Loads of fun. And it's about guns. Bonus. We went home and she gave me a spiffy watch for my birthday.

Saturday, I got up and started painting the box I'm making to hold Meredith's Christmas present in while she went to choir rehearsal. When she got back, we went out for some lunch then Christmas shopping and a movie. We saw "Ocean's Eleven," which we both thoroughly enjoyed. Every time I see George Clooney in a movie, I have more respect for him as an actor.

We came home and I got cracking on my Sunday School lesson preparation. Plus a fine chat with ladyfirebird on AIM. I made it to bed about two.

Sunday morning I'm up and on my way to church. Another good day at Sunday School. Soporo Japanese steakhouse for lunch, then we're back home and I went back to painting the box I'm making for Meredith. She had to go to church to sing in the choir's Christmas program, so I was left a solitary man home alone until her parents showed up a few hours later. We went to go see the second performance of the show, which was excellent. Then we're off to "Lone Star" for supper and back to the house for a little more visiting.

All in all, a great weekend. And busy.

Yes, there's an obvious (in my opinion) opportunity to get a POINT by finding the song title not-so-hidden in this post, along with identifying the artist who sings it.

Christmas Cards

I addressed about half the Christmas cards that we have left to send last night. It's fun. I'm planning on completing the job tonight so we can mail them tomorrow.

Also, on Friday, I got a very nice Christmas card from The White House. I suspect that it's because I contribute money to the RNC. It made me feel special.

Update: You can see the card I got here.