January 5th, 2002



Welcome to the party, walkingman. Things around the Doctor's pad have been quiet of late, but I hope you enjoy the reading once I start writing again.

And, yes, I'm currently working on a way to revive the generic country song generator, probably as a Java applet and a native Mac OS X application.


What can you buy for $300? I know one thing. The services of a plumber to come and fix a leaky pipe joint. Now, we've ripped up the carpet to try and let it dry out. The whole downstairs carpet will probably have to be replaced.

I hope the home insurance covers it, or at least most of it.

My very own domain...

w00t! w00t!

Finally, I got the details about claiming the free domain name registration I won off the radio before Thanksgiving. I decided to go with drmellow.com, although cohoonfamily.com was a close contender. I set up website forwarding, so as soon as you hit something on the drmellow.com domain, the URL in the resolves to the "real" address of where my site is, on my ISP. Maybe someday I'll be cool enough to put my pages somewhere where I'll be able to skip the forwarding step, but this is OK for now.

And I got some email forwarding, too. So you can send email to drmellow @ drmellow.com (or greg @ drmellow.com) and I'll get it. If you want to send me email only to my house, send it to home @ drmellow.com. If you want it only to my office, send it to work @ drmellow.com.

Yes, I'm a geek with OCD.

My home page is dumb, except that it has the link to my movies. If you want to see my better web stuff, go to Dr. Mellow's Johnny Cash Tribute Page or my class notes for the Seekers Sunday School Class that I'm teaching.
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Time for the lawyers...

A little investigation after the plumbing incident showed us that we very might well be in line for having our entire house re-piped (for free) as a result of a class-action lawsuit settlement. It'll suck to have our house ripped up to have the plumbing redone, but we've got inferior pipes that have a history of breaking, so we should do it, I guess. One of our neighbors had it done a few years ago and it took six months to complete.
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