January 7th, 2002


Good Night, LJ

In spite of not getting much sleep last night, Sunday School went pretty well today. Attendance was low, probably because of the weather, which was threatening freezing rain. But we covered chapters 8 and 9 in 2 Chronicles pretty thoroughly, with a little time to spare. It's a good breaking point -- the end of Solomon's reign, the rest of the book is a history of the kings in Judah.

In other news for today, I took a nap. w00t! And my wife and I packed up most of our Christmas ornaments. Now it's bed time.
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Greg's Wishlist

  • The new iMac (top of the line, with the SuperDrive)

  • an iPod

  • a digital camera

I'd love to upgrade my iBook to the newer iBook, but if I could have the new iMac, I'll happily keep my current iBook. But if I can't get a new iMac or a new iBook, I need to add a CD-RW to my wishlist.

I can't believe that small, sexy, super-cool iMac with a G4 and a SuperDrive is only $1800. I hope this is the product announcement that will help thrust Apple back into the game in a serious way.

(no subject)

Does anyone know where I put the documentation for my bonus stock options? I've searched the folders that I would think would hold it and can't find it. I guess I could ask someone in Canada to send me a copy from the corporate vault, but I'd like to know where I put my originals!