January 14th, 2002


Grillin' and Chillin'

Yesterday, my wife and I assembled the grill she got me for Christmas. It's pretty. I'm excited about grilling something on it, perhaps tomorrow night. Definitely on Thursday night. Tonight is very doubtful, since I have a 7pm meeting at the church to talk about getting the church a website.

In other news, I look forward to my third physical therapy appointment this afternoon. I have knees that cause me pain. My doctor, my physical therapist, and me are all confident that after 4-6 weeks of PT, they'll be fixed again. And I'll have broken my habit of walking like a cowboy (toes pointed out instead of ahead), which should go to great lengths to ensure that it doesn't happen again. That will be so happy for me.

In yet other news, ninjas are super-cool!
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time to make a movie

OK. I've been rattling this around in my head a little bit for the past few weeks and have decided on a fun movie to make. Totally stupid "B" horror movie, but fun. All I've got is a sketchy premise and a concrete title. If you're up to it, cheshire, feel free to run with it.

We have our main character. He's either a med student or a mortician. I'm leaning towards med student, because it does a better job of explaining why he's also a magician. You see, he's working his way through med school as a semi-professional magician for birthday parties and the like.


I'm not sure what goes horribly awry yet, but it does. Whatever goes awry explains why the movie is called....

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    Vincent Price (in my head)