January 15th, 2002



The leg on my glasses is really irritating my left ear. I'm going to put my contacts in when I get home tonight and not wear these glasses again until I get a chance to have the frames adjusted.

web hosting

My church is getting ready to create a web presence. I'm on the committee to make it happen. One of the first questions we'll need to answer is where to physically host the site. Any suggestions? I'm familiar with using the space I've got with my ISP, but something like that wouldn't be appropriate for a church. We'll be looking for something suitable for a small business or the like. The site itself should be fairly "normal" -- pictures, text, maybe some small sound and/or video clips. No e-commerce, etc. And we'll want something that will let us have full access to our pages -- not like some of the things that host you if you go through their template software.....

Anyway -- any suggestions would be more than welcome.