January 28th, 2002


"kings and pawns, emperors and fools..."

Just got back from seeing "The Count of Monte Cristo." I really enjoyed it. My wife said that she thinks the original movie was probably better and, of course, the book even more enjoyable. Being the uncultured boorish oaf that I am, I've neither seen another version of the movie nor read the book. So I've nothing to compare it to and will just say that I quite enjoyed it. Much like my favorite movie, this movie had fencing, sport, murder, revenge, pirates, and more.

I also came away from it with more of a desire to resume my voracious reading appetite that I had when I was younger. I've got the Tolkein trilogy to finish, "Don Quioxte," various religious books, various political books, etc. on my list (and in my possession, no less!) of books to read, yet they sit gathering dust. I guess if I spent less time reading my LJ friends list and positing relatively meaningless thoughts of my own, or less time watching television drivel, I would have more time to pursue leisure reading.
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It's 3:15 and I'm still awake. I knew I shouldn't have let myself take such a long nap after church today. Downside: I'm going to be exhausted all day tomorrow. Upside: I caught up on my bill paying and got to watch a "Miami Vice" episode on TNN.
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