January 30th, 2002


falling behind

I overslept this morning and was unable to get my walk in before work. I have physical therapy at lunch, so won't be able to do it then. And I'm teaching at church this evening, so it appears that I'll miss a walk today. Grrrr. Consolation prize: my physical therapy is about equivalent to a walk anyway.

It's OK. Just because I missed today is no excuse to miss tomorrow.

no more pt for me

Today, just before lunch, I took part in my final physical therapy session for my knees. Over the past eight sessions, my knees have much improved. The pain of sitting in one position for prolonged periods of time has almost been eliminated. My therapist tells me that I need to continue my at-home exercises for at least another few months so that the symptoms don't recur, then I can start to slack off. I'm really, really happy with my progress. I'm especially happy that surgery wasn't necessary to correct the problem.
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play that funky music

On my way back from physical therapy, I was listening to Radio Disney. I'm still mad at them for taking Greensboro's talk radio station away, but I never unprogrammed them from my presets, and they were playing "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang when I buzzed over them and I was really digging that, so I was duped into listening to them.

But right after "Celebration," the went into a chipmunk version of "Play That Funky Music, White Boy" called "Play....Music, Chipmunk." I'm somewhat embarrassed to say that I was *really* digging that. The beat and the music was pretty much the same, but they had a chipmunk singing the vocals.

I'm sure my getting down with my bad self was quite amusing to any of the other motorists who happened to catch it.