February 15th, 2002



Dr. Mellow isn't falling asleep. He's tired as all get-out, but no sleep. What does he do? Work on his Sunday School class' web page, of course.

Mike Tyson

I don't know how many of my readers follow boxing. I'm a bit of a fan. Not so much to pay for a Pay-Per-View or to watch the "up-and-comings" that fight on ESPN every Tuesday night, but I do catch almost every fight that shows up on HBO. And I read the Boxing section of my Yahoo! portal daily.

For those of you who don't know, Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis were scheduled to box in April in Las Vegas. In pre-fight meeting, Tyson got violent. As a result, Nevada declined his application for a boxing license. In the past few weeks, they have been looking for another place to stage the fight. I don't think Tyson should be allowed to box anymore. He's proven time and again both inside and outside of the ring that he's not capable of conducting himself properly. I'm really happy to see that many places are finally taking a stance, leaving the money on the table, and walking away from supporting Tyson in the ring. See the following stories:

I was especially happy to see the Texas Motor Speedway come out against supporting Tyson before he was denied his license in Texas, because the venue that eventually holds the Tyson-Lewis fight will get a lot of money. It's hard for a business to pass that up, and TMS could have had the fight if they wanted it.

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Secret Seekers Sunday School Class Webpage

Well, not *really* secret, but I'm not going public with them yet, as I still have a few more changes to make. Last night, I uploaded the redesign of my site here. To get a real feel for the site design, you should drill down the path of "Lesson Notes" to notes for a particular lesson.

From a design standpoint, I already see that I need to do something about the title and top navigation bar -- at work, it renders taller than the picture, making an ugly white line appear at the bottom. Sure, it rendered beautifully on my Mac in OmniWeb, but.... Anyway, I know I'll be in contact with several computers and web browsers this weekend, so I wanted to put it online so I could look at it in different places.

And I've decided to offer an invitation to you, the lucky few readers of my journal. Poke around the site. Tell me what you like and don't like. This site is the first time I've attempted to do anything "fancy" on the web, so I've probably got some learning to do. If anything breaks, please let me know. And if the color combinations are simply horrid, I'm open to suggestions. Go ahead, be harsh.

Just don't bookmark anything, 'cause the address will change when I decide to publish it "for real."