February 21st, 2002



I came home for lunch, with the plan of resurrecting my lunchtime exercise habit. But there it sits, beckoning me -- my Macintosh Cocoa programming book.

Exercise? Learn Cocoa? What will win?

Tune in next time for the exciting conclusion!


(or "Temptation, Part 2")

Well, the Cocoa book was enticing, but I stuck to my guns and did my exercise. Glad I did, too -- I ran into one of my friends, a former co-worker of mine and we had a nice chat.

I did the mile loop, methodically this time -- alternating between jogging one segment and walking one segment. So I know for sure that I jogged a half mile and walked a half mile. Plus another maybe half mile (total) walking to the park as warm-up/cool-down. I feel great.
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Thanks for the idea, ladyfirebird. Here's today's thankful list.
  1. The butterfly that I thought was two leaves balanced against each other.
  2. Cardiovascular exercise.
  3. "Music that doesn't need a video to tell a story." -- A radio commercial for the newly discovered radio station (WWCC Country 94.5) that isn't afraid to play the good old country songs. You know, the ones that tell a story. The ones that I love.
Today's thankful list is courtesy of the walk/jog I took around the park during lunchtime.
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Sorry, wrong number

"Hello, this is Greg."
"Scott Williams?"
"No. Scott doesn't have this cell phone anymore."
"Oh. Do you work with him?"
"No, but you're the third person in a week who has called me asking for him."
"Oh. Um. Oh. Sorry."