March 8th, 2002


Apple Store...

...or "I feel special."

My wife and I headed out to Raleigh today, in anticipation of my trip to the Apple store tomorrow morning. We stopped at the mall on the way, just to see where it was and what it looked like. We heard several of the stores were open and having sweepstakes, etc. I wanted to find the Apple store so when I went there tomorrow morning, I'd know where to go.

Turns out, the store was open. :-)

I didn't expect that. So I walked around a bit. Really cool. The iPod is nice. The new iMacs are really nice. I can't believe that the screen is viewable from such a wide angle. I'm jealous.

Well, I'll be there tomorrow morning, too, trying to get a t-shirt and catching up with some of my friends. I'm excited.
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