March 11th, 2002


What a weekend

What a weekend. Busy, busy, busy. And there's no end in sight. Just a quick recap here.

I went to the Apple Store grand opening on Saturday. Met up with both eagle243 and doctre. It was quite awesome. And I got my t-shirt. A friend from work was going to come, too, but decided to come later in the day. There were so many people at the mall that the cops wouldn't let him in. So he was a bit peeved that he spent four hours in travel too and from the mall, but couldn't get in.

We got back to Greensboro late Saturday night and I was quite happy to find a package from dixie with a CD in it. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet(!), but I'm definitely planning on it providing my "after lunch work" music today. Thanks, dixie!

Yesterday was a pretty normal Sunday for me. Got up early to teach Sunday School. Tought Sunday School. Came home and watched my team get taken to the woodshed. Watched the last part of the race. (Good finish, Kyle!) Watched me some "Six Feet Under" and "The Practice." Went to bed.

Oh, yeah. I also put the finishing touches on my latest digital movie -- "Emily." (You'll need QuickTime to view it. The frame the movie sits in is kinda goofy, but I put the page together while sitting on the sidewalk in the rain waiting for the Apple Store to open, so give me a break. ;-) Emily's my newest cousin. She's a cutie.