March 26th, 2002


A sad day in boxing

Well, it's official: Memphis to host Lewis-Tyson on June 8. I've said it over and over again before, and you might be tired of hearing it, but Mike Tyson should not be allowed to box anymore. Ever. Even discounting his wretched behavior outside of the ring, his conduct inside the ring is enough, in my opinion, to support a complete ban -- not just a suspension -- from the sport. Sadly, there is too much money to be made in continuing to prop up Tyson and encourage him to fight. I do not think I can count on the sanctioning bodies to do the right thing here.

So now, my hope falls squarely on Lewis. If he is able to quickly handle Tyson in the ring, it will do a lot to discredit Tyson's ability to command an audience and start the process of having Tyson fade away. Lewis sounds up to the challenge: "Lewis-Tyson is the matchup the whole world has been waiting for," Lewis said. "I am confident I will cement my legacy when I dispose of Tyson on June 8."

I hope so, Lennox. I hope so.
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