March 29th, 2002


The Agony of Christ

I am preparing a special Sunday School lesson for my class on Sunday. Normally, we'd continue along our verse-by-verse study of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. We're in 2 Chronicles. I wanted to do something related to Easter, so I thought I would do a lesson focusing on comparing the Biblical record of Christ's torture and crucifixion with what medical science shows would be happening. Last year, our men's group had a presentation where a doctor went through the events of Thursday and Friday of Holy Week, which provided a lot of information. I had also read accounts in Lee Strobel's book, "The Case For Christ," on the same subject. So I've dug my copy of Strobel's book out and started preparing a lesson plan. This is going to be a difficult lesson to teach. The physical agony that Christ suffered for us is huge.

It hurts me so much to think about the pain that we put our Creator through.

The good news about this lesson, however, is that I'll be able to end the lesson on the high note of Christ's triumph over death in His resurrection.
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After putting together my Sunday School lesson on medical evidance related to the Crucifixion of Christ, I decided it was too painful and depressing a lesson for Easter morning. So I'm preparing a lesson about evidance supporting the empty tomb on the first Easter morning.

A resurrection lesson is much happier than a crucifixion lesson.
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