April 13th, 2002


"Generic Country" -- my first Cocoa app

If you run OS X on your Macintosh, you might be interested in looking at my first attempt at creating a Cocoa application -- Generic Country.

It's a very, very, very simple application that randomly creates lyrics suitable for a country song. It's really a first cut -- there is *ZERO* polish done on it. It's just me getting the basic functionality out the door. Over the next [unspecified amount of time], I'll be playing with it more, as I learn more about programming in Cocoa. It'll probably get much more polished than an application of this nature should get.

This application started as a perl script I wrote in 1995, based on a post I read on rec.music.country.western. It became a popular web page when I was in college. Now, it's becoming a Mac OS X app. If you do download it, let me know what you think.
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