May 16th, 2002


Be Nice To Motorcyclist Day

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For me, today is "Be Nice To Motorcyclist Day." The gas station where I pumped my gas this morning is on the corner with a stoplight. After I pumped my gas, there was a line of cars stopped at the light backed up past the exit to the gas station. So I sat there waiting for the light to turn and the queue to empty. And I noticed the driver of the car just beyond the gas station exit motion that I could get in front of him when the light turned. That was really nice of him and I motioned a "thank you." Then, when the light turned green, the lady in the car right in front of the gas station exit motioned for me to scoot in front of her, too! I was amazed that not one, but two cagers were nice enough to let me in.

So I offer it up to the group -- use the comments to describe how you've experienced a "Be Nice To Motorcyclist Day" before.

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