May 28th, 2002


Memorial Day Ride

Yesterday marked my first annual Memorial Day Ride. Check back in a year to make sure that it really will be an annual event.

This year, the Memorial Day Ride consisted of meeting up with a friend from work and riding throughout Rockingham County, me on my Honda Shadow and my friend on his Honda Hawk. I know very few good rides, so my friend took the lead and showed me a great tour of the country. All told, we were gone from about 9:30 in the morning until about noon. Our ride took us through Wentworth, Stokesdale, Stoneville, Mayodan, and Madison, as well as some other towns that I'm sure I've forgotten.

We saw a pet cemetery, a radio-controlled airplane airstrip (complete with two planes "dogfighting"), a family of geese (including little chicks who stumble all over themselves while attempting to walk), and many other great things that you might not notice while driving in your car. Actually, if you were in your car, you probably wouldn't be exploring the back roads we traveled.

And, in keeping with the theme of first annual Memorial Day Ride, we stopped to look at the Town Clock (scroll to the bottom of this linked page) in Madison that was erected as a tribute to the soldiers in World War I. It was a nice stop.

By all accounts, the First Annual Memorial Day Ride was a great success. If you've got a motorcycle and want to participate in next year's ride, start making your plans now.
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Preacher Greg

Yesterday, after the First Annual Memorial Day Ride (see previous LJ entry), I worked on my sermon some more. As part of the United Methodist Men's Sunday at my church, I'll be preaching the sermon at both services on June 9. Yes, that's just two short weeks from now. I did some more organization yesterday and am confident that I've narrowed down the Scripture lesson to John 9:1-7, 18-25 and that the title of the sermon will be "Can I Get A Witness?"

The next two weeks will be spent working out the rest of the sermon from my outline and notes. I am praying that God is able to use me to deliver His message through this sermon. I very much appreciate the prayers and words of support I've been receiving since I accepted this responsibility.
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