June 10th, 2002


Preacher Greg

Wow. What a long day. I'm really too tired to report on today's events right now. I delivered my sermon today. I just finished converting it to HTML and it's available here. I'll try to type up more tomorrow.
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Don't let the door hit you...

From this article:

"That was probably one of the most thorough and systematic beatings a heavyweight champion has ever given to a legitimate challenger in the history of boxing,'' said Lewis' veteran trainer, Emanuel Steward.
I still wish the fight never took place -- Tyson has no business being in boxing anymore. He's an embarrassment to the sport and needs to leave it. However, since the fight was going to happen, I'm glad that Lewis delivered a decisive win.

Why do I say Tyson is an embarrassment to the sport? From the same article:
"If the price is right, I'll fight anybody,'' Tyson said. "I'll fight a lion.''

Busy Weekend

What a busy weekend: I finished writing a sermon. I delivered it. I entertained guests. I ate a lot of good food.

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