June 12th, 2002


Fox & Friends

A few weeks ago, I won an e-mail contest while watching Fox & Friends before work. A few days ago, my prize showed up in the mail -- boxers (size medium) with little cupids all over them and a heart-shaped soap-on-a-rope. And they both had little "Happy Valentine's Day" cards inside of them. Neither of these items were branded Fox & Friends, except for a little sticker on the outside of the box.

Obviously, they have stuff in a warehouse that they are just trying to get rid of. Still, it was pretty funny. And I'll actually use the soap (it's glycerine). The boxers, however, are obviously too small. I'm seeing a fancy, seasonal dust rag in my future with them.
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Funeral Musings

I just got back from a funeral for a friend who was in the Sunday School class I teach. His death was not unexpected, so it wasn't overly tragic.

I think this is probably the first funeral I've been to since my grandmother died when I was in sixth grade. Of course, when that happened, I was part of the family, so I was herded to wherever they told me to go. This time, I got to be part of it from the non-family point of view.

It was a great service. I hope similar things can be said about me when I die.