June 20th, 2002


Flight Suit!

Yesterday, I ordered a flight suit for Chatterbox. It should arrive in about a week. Then, perhaps as much as a week for Chatterbox to get aquatinted with the suit before actually trying to put it on him.

I really hope Chatterbox is OK with a flight suit. It'll be really nice to let him out of the cage for extended periods and not have to worry about chasing after him with a paper towel to clean his droppings.

(no subject)

I love hot tea. The tea I'm drinking right now is a jasmine tea that comes all tied up in a ball that you drop into your tea pot. The leaves expand and the ball opens up like a flower as it floats to the bottom of the pot and turns the hot water into tea. My friend went to China last year and this is one of the three kinds of tea he brought back for me.

It is so good.