August 20th, 2002



We went to the movies Saturday afternoon. Then we did it again Saturday night.

Saturday afternoon, we went to see "Signs." It was a good movie. Yeah, everyone's going to give Shyamalan a hard time because it's not as good as "The Sixth Sense." Well, get over it. "The Sixth Sense" will probably not be topped, at least for a long time. So don't compare all of his movies to it and you'll enjoy them a lot better. Anyway, I won't say any more about the movie, 'cause, well, you're just supposed to see it for yourself, you know.

Then we came home and watched "The Chase" on HBO. After that was over, we decided to go to the movies again and we watched the new Clint Eastwood movie -- "Blood Work." That was a really good movie. Clint has still got it in him. Great movie.

And we tried to recall if there were any other times when either of us saw two movies in the theater on the same day. The only time I can think of seeing two movies in the theater on the same day was in college, when the student theater played all three "Star Wars" movies back to back. I might have seen two movies on the same day when I saw "A Midsummer Night's Dream" a few years ago, but I can't remember what the second movie would have been.

It was a great way to spend a lazy Saturday.
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A coworker just stopped by looking for a word to match a definition he had. I suggested "quintessential" and while suggesting it, he remembered "definitive." Neither of the definitions matched exactly the definition he provided to me to start with, but either possibly would have been appropriate.

So, without telling you the definition my coworker supplied, I throw the question out in general:
  • quintessential vs. definitive

  • Explain.