September 13th, 2002


Uncle Orson Reviews Everything

Uncle Orson (Scott Card) has an interesting editorial about how it's shameful that North Carolina rallies for a claim to greatness behind the Wright Brothers. I always thought it was amusing that our quarter and the Ohio quarter both had the Wright Brothers' airplane on it. I've always taken a sort of state pride in Kitty Hawk being the birthplace of aviation. Uncle Orson has a different view:

But the Wright brothers did all their work in their hometown of Dayton, Ohio. They only came here because the conditions in Kitty Hawk -- sea breeze, lots of sand, steep hill, no obstructions -- were right for the potentially disastrous thing they were attempting.

It's not as if North Carolina sponsored a contest and the Wright brothers won it. North Carolina, as a state, did nothing, nada, zilch -- except ignore those wacky inventive boys and stay out of their way.

So for us to claim flight as our accomplishment makes it look like our state is so lame the only thing we can brag about is that we had the right configuration of sand for a couple of really smart guys from another state to change the world.
Not content to simply say that we're wrong to latch onto the Wright Brothers for our claim to fame, Uncle Orson offers an alternative:

Here's what I think we ought to claim: Best in Doughnuts.
Read the rest of his thoughts in his weekly column for the Rhino Times. He's right about the donuts from Glazer's on Lawndale. I used to walk over from my office, which was across the parking lot, to get a donut from them every now and then.