September 20th, 2002


Busy Weekend (part 7): Sunday School

So I went to bed about three o'clock in the morning between Saturday and Sunday. When I got up at seven-thirty Sunday morning to get ready for Sunday School, I was pretty tired. Last week was an OK week to be a little tired for class, because we were going over the homework for our Ezra study. So I picked up a bagel at Brueger's and headed off to church. Once I got there, I reviewed my notes and made sure I felt prepared for the class and just rested until it was about time for class to start.

We had a very full house Sunday, with a handful of visitors. It was really exciting. The homework questions really sparked a lot of good discussion, too. It's class sessions like we had Sunday that really make me happy to be a Sunday School teacher for this class.

After class, I headed home to say "hey" to my brother before he had to leave before going home. We all had some lunch at Wendy's and my brother headed off to Maryland. I headed to the couch for a nap.