September 25th, 2002



It seems that I won a contest that has garnered me two tickets to the upcoming Martinsville race. The funny thing about this is that I've already bought tickets to the upcoming Martinsville race. Well, I suppose I'll be attempting to sell a pair once my prize tickets arrive and I determine which ones I want to keep and which ones I want to sell.

web page updates

*Wshew* I just finished updating all of the pages in my Sunday School class web site with minor formatting updates. They were complicated enough changes that I went ahead and did it by hand instead of dusting off my Perl SkilZ and scripting the changes.

I'm probably one of the only people who will notice what's changed, but I feel better about the polished design.
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    "Evolution" on HBO (I can't believe I'm watching this again)

The TNIV Debate

The latest edition of Christianity Today arrived at my house yesterday. The cover story, "The TNIV Debate: Is this new Bible faithful in its treatment of gender? New Testament scholars face off," is a story I'm looking forward to reading.