October 11th, 2002


Conf Call: All Day, Every Day (Day 5)

These marathon coding sessions via conference call and NetMeeting are very, very helpful for my current project at work. We're making lots of progress and I'm learning lots of stuff.

Boy, howdy! It's exhausting, though.

Today was originally scheduled to be the last day, but we're now planning on going 'till Wednesday of next week.

I am very much looking foward to the appreciation dinner at church tonight and a low-stress weekend.
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Sunday School Appreciation Dinner

Earlier this evening, I went to the annual Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Dinner at my church. This is the second year for me. Last year, I had only been teaching for a handful of months and wasn't sure what to expect. It was lots of fun -- both this year and last year. The menu included a tasty salad, a wonderful baked potato, a nice filet mignon, and tasty desert. Most of the teachers who attend teach children's classes, but there were a few of us who teach adult classes.

After the supper, the Music Minister let a short program of singing. All songs that are appropriate for Sunday Schools -- adult and children. It was pretty fun. Lots of the teachers really put a lot into their lessons. It's nice to have a time when we're recognized for the work we do.

Of course, I'd do it anyway without the recognition -- teaching my class really is a reward in itself. These past fifteen months of teaching have been immensely rewarding. I really love what I do.
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