October 29th, 2002



Finally. After only 16+ hours at the office today, I got the first part of the XSLT to work. Time to go home and take a nap before coming back tomorrow.

Door Prizes!

WooHoo! Yesterday we had a "health fair" at work. I got a flu shot. They also had displays set up from various organizations that provide health and wellness related services -- our health care provider, our vision care provider, the red cross, and other organizations were represented. Many of whom were giving away door prizes. Even the health and safety department of the company had a little table set up and had some flyers and stuff. They had a door prize contest, too. You had to write a safety tip (it didn't have to be work related) and put it in a jar with your name, etc. on it. I don't know if they judged the tips or if they held a random drawing (I suspect the latter), but they gave out about seven prizes (all were AT&T Wireless wearables). I won a baseball cap.

My safety tip? "Put a Lid on Pan Fires." There's a fire station in north Raleigh that puts fire safety tips out on a sign in front of the station. They have a handfull that they rotate through. My favorite has always been "Put a Lid on Pan Fires." They've got a big cartoon picture of a pan fire and someone putting a lid on it to extinguish the flame. It gets the point across. Since I didn't have the benefit of the graphic to illustrate the point, I wrote a short story about how you sometimes create a grease fire when you're cooking your favorite meal on the skillet. Instead of panicing, you can easily remedy the situation by covering the fire with a lid, which deprives the fire of the O2 necessary to sustain a flame. (Yes, I said "deprives the fire of the O2....") Anyway, I came up with that tip on a lark, just for fun. And now I have a baseball cap.