December 5th, 2002


BreakPoint: Smallville

From the article "Who Made Superman 'Super'?" on BreakPoint:

Since its earliest days, TV has been a mixed blessing at best. The old joke about five hundred channels and nothing to watch has some truth to it. When programs aren’t appealing to our basest instincts, or boring us with banality, they are often nothing more than propaganda for a liberal, secular worldview.


As his powers emerge, he is tempted to use them for personal gain, like being a football star or impressing the beautiful girl next door. Instead, he comes to understand that his "gifts" are tied to his true calling in life: to serve others through those gifts.

Where does he learn this? From his father. As Alex Wainer, who teaches film at Georgia State University, tells us, Clark’s father, Jonathan Kent, understands that "a superman unanchored by virtuous character" is something that should terrify us.

As a fan of the BreakPoint newsletters and a fan of Smallville, I really enjoyed the whole article.

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user picture for devotional

I need to get a user picture for devotional.

I was thinking a photograph of a nice Bible would be a good user picture. I might take a picture of one of my nice Bibles and play with it some day. Or I might find something on the web that would be good -- I haven't looked yet.

I'm thinking something artistic like the picture of the eyeglasses that smerp uses. That is an awesome user picture. Excellent lighting and all that stuff.

If anyone has suggestions before I get around to taking a simple picture myself, feel free to comment.

Haiku Battles!

There I was. At work. Bored. Not really wanting to work. And I noticed smerp online. The following conversation transpired.

drmellow: smerp on icq / there he is -- i see him now! / i bet he's chilly
smerp: nice haiku, man
smerp: i'm at work - power's out at home
smerp: it's cold there
drmellow: i'm at work, too.
smerp: :)
smerp: no power at home?
drmellow: i've got power at home, but no way to connect to the work machines from home.
drmellow: i haven't set up vpn, etc. blah, blah, blah. plus, I use a mac at home....
smerp: communist! :)
drmellow: Red DrMellow? / He can't be a communist -- / He votes G. O. P.!
smerp: :)
smerp: i like haikus too
smerp: but this has gone too far man
smerp: cease and desist now
drmellow: HA!
drmellow bows to smerp's haiku mastery.