December 29th, 2002


Geocaching: Canine Cache

It's late and, thanks to the Nyquil, I'm drifting off to the land of happy sleep. So much to post about, no time to post right now. Let me sum up: I saw everyone over Christmas break. Over the past week, I've slept in three different beds (including my own). Now I'm back home and hoping to feel either significantly better or significantly worse tomorrow. If I feel better, I'll be happy to go back to work. If I feel worse, I won't feel guilty about taking a sick day.

Enough of that. The real reason for this post is to mention that I got a GPS for Christmas. Earlier tonight, my wife, my in-laws, and I went out to find a very easy cache: Canine Cache (North Raleigh). It was kinda cool -- we left to seek it right at sunset and found it just before it really got too dark to look.

I'm looking forward to more geocaching fun in the near, medium, and long-term future.
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