December 30th, 2002


My 2003 watchword -- Luke 12:48

My watchword for 2003 is Luke 12:48 -- [Jesus said,] "From the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded."

I received my watchword during the worship service at Raleigh Moravian Church yesterday morning. I tried to find a link that describes their tradition of handing out individual watchwords at the beginning of the year and was unsuccessful. I did, however, find this link that describes the Daily Texts and talks about watchwords in general.

I think it's a wonderful tradition. The daily texts are always edifying to read. It's also fun to read something and know that fellow Christians all around the world are reading and meditating on the same texts every day. Last year, I was introduced to the tradition of receiving a personal watchword at the beginning of the year. Someone in the congregation went through the next year's daily texts and cut out and placed them on index cards. All of the index cards were placed in baskets. The baskets were passed around the congregation and everyone takes a card.

So, my watchword for 2003 is Luke 12:48. Already, it has spoken to me. I know it will speak to me throughout the year.