January 22nd, 2003


Fancy Stuff

Well, I took some of the Christmas money I got and paid for a LiveJournal account. I've been thinking about a paid account for about a year or so now, and I'm glad that I coughed up the money. Among other things, it means that you can do fancy stuff like send a text message to my phone. Yeah, I've set it to it's most lenient settings now. I'll clamp it down if it starts to get abused. I'm sure I'll be playing with some of the other cool things (like polls and adding syndicated journals) later. But for now, I thought I'd simply announce my entry into the land of the paying customers.

Teaching WNL

Well, tonight's teaching went very well. I was more nervous for this class than I was when I preached at the services last year. Tonight was loads of fun, but I'm looking forward to going back to the role of "student" on Wednesdays and save my role as "teacher" for Sundays.