February 22nd, 2003


Cats, Dogs, and Ginger Ale!

"Do you always watch sunsets with your eyes shut?"

I really love "The Truth About Cats and Dogs." It's on HBO again. I think I probably watch it every time HBO shows it on Saturday mornings.

Yesterday, the neatest thing happened at work. I came back from lunch and found a Ginger Ale sitting on my desk! One of my coworkers, knowing how much I love this marvelous elixir of the gods, left it for me. Yah! Ginger Ale!

"The truth is Helen of Troy." No it isn't.
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    "The Truth About Cats And Dogs"

Happy (early) Birthday

A big happy birthday goes out to The Man in Black himself, Johnny Cash. He's 71 today on Wednesday. To celebrate, there's a radio station doing a seven-hour Johnny Cash marathon overnight -- 11pm-6am eastern: Big Kev's Big Country Revue. If I can figure out how to get the internet feed to work on my Macintosh, you know what I'll be listening to tonight!

[Update: the feed opens fine with Windows Media Player (yes, there's a WMP for the Mac. ironic?) -- it just didn't automatically open when I clicked on it. I had to download the file and open the file explicitly from within WMP. Maybe, if I have time later tonight, I'll try to get it working from iTunes. My initial attempts to do so have been unsuccessful.]

[Edit: Oops. Johnny Cash's birthday isn't until Wednesday (the 26th). If I had even checked my own Johnny Cash tribute page, I would have known that.]