February 25th, 2003


Note to self: Don't exercise prior to bedtime

Of course, I knew that doing my daily exercise just prior to when I wanted to go to bed was probably a bad idea. The good news is that the exercising is seeming to work. I got home tonight and was beat. I decided to go ahead and do my daily exercise, since I hadn't done it yet today. I figured I'd get to bed no later than about one o'clock.

Guess what exercising does to you? That's right, it wakes you up. So I'm simultaneously exhausted and wide awake. Well, maybe if I lie down and convince myself it's time to be asleep I'll be able to get to sleep by two o'clock.

Note to self: Really, Greg. It's time to create a reasonable schedule that incorporates reasonable times to go to sleep in the evening and wake up in the morning.

I shot a man in Reno...

I did something this evening that I haven't done in a long, long while. I pulled out my guitar and started strumming some tunes. My fingers are sore, so I must be doing OK. My guitar was woefully out of tune, and I'm not very good at tuning it. Somehow, however, I managed to get it in tune with my CD player. I had an old Johnny Cash album pounding them out and I played along. I managed to stumble through "Hey Porter" several times and "Folsom Prison Blues" several times. I was really concentrating on smooth chord transitions, but I even figured out about half of the solo for "Folsom."

Johnny Cash is good for me to start with as I ease back into playing guitar. It's basically just three chords and the truth, so it's not technically difficult. I'm so rusty, though, even easy non-technical covers of the Man in Black sound pretty sad on my flat-top box. Give me a few weeks.

Plus, this Christmas, I'll have several classical-style arrangements of Christmas carols to play.

My guitar playing will sound so much better after I trim my fingernails.
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