April 2nd, 2003


Jesco The Dancing Outlaw

I lent my copy of "Jesco The Dancing Outlaw" to one of my co-workers, who is Russian. Prior to viewing this documentary, I don't think he was very familiar with the extreme rural culture in America. Some might call it hillbilly culture. We're not talking Dukes of Hazzard, we're talking deep mountain culture. Anyway, he returned the tape today. I asked him how he liked it and he was obviously a little taken aback by the way the people in the documentary llived. One of his comments summed it up perfectly:

It's like a fairy tale, only backwards. This time, Cinderella doesn't win.

A few more geocaches found.

I've been doing some more geocaching lately. Yesterday, after work, I hiked out to Big W 2 (and checked in on Hawk 5 on the way out). Today, during my lunch break, I completed the Hawk 7 multi-cache. I am quickly running out of caches that are close to my home and office and suitable for a quick find. That's OK, though -- there are still hundreds of caches in the nearby vicinity.

I really, really enjoy this hobby. I even got myself a geocaching-related icon to used for these posts.

Tooting my own horn.

I just finished tooting my own horn. Literally. I pulled my trumpet out of the closet and ran through the Easter service with it. Surprisingly, I still remembered most of the fingering. More surprisingly, my tone was decent. Still room for improvement. With Easter being a little bit away, still, I should be fine.

I really do enjoy playing the trumpet, even if it makes the back of my throat hurt to play the low notes.