April 30th, 2003



I hate insomnia. I'm completely exhausted, yet I can't sleep. Having said that, there are a few benefits to my insomnia: increased productivity and increased creativity. So, in the more productive vein, I might make a few additions to my homepage and catch up with some software updates for Promethia -- like the new iTunes and QuickTime.

For the creative side, maybe I'll write. It's been a long, long time since I've written any poetry. Maybe I'll pick up my pen again. I doubt it, though.

The increased productivity and creativity may be upsides to my insomnia, but they're not worth it.

Welcome to my homepage

I'd like to officially welcome the following links to my homepage:

  • Calvin Yu: One of the folks on ST-J.
  • The Corner: The blog for writers at National Review. Thanks, bodnej, for pointing this one out.
  • Java Performance Tuning: The title really says it all.
  • KCRW: The radio station that hosts Sounds Eclectic (see below).
  • mental_floss: I wish there were more content on this site. I saw an ad for this magazine in the free issue of Paste Music that I got a month or so ago. It looks like an interesting magazine and I'll probably check it out next time I'm at a bookstore. I just wish there were more content on their website
  • Paste Music: A pretty cool magazine that chronicles eclectic music. The kind of music I really dig. I got a free magazine because I signed up based on a Johnny Cash album I bought a few months ago. I might have to subscribe to this magazine. They include a sampler CD in every issue. It's published four times a year.
  • Samizdat Press: Samizdat Press is devoted to the free distribution of books, lecture notes and software. Their special focus is material of a pedagogical nature
  • Sounds Eclectic: Again, mentioned in an article in Paste. This is the archive for a radio show originating from the left coast that plays pretty cool music.

Perhaps the time I spent updating my homepage is enough time to have pushed me through the bout of insomnia I'm fighting with this evening. I think I'll attempt to go back to bed now.