August 21st, 2003

Johnny Cash

A *NEW* Album By Johnny Cash?!?!?!

According to NME:

Country legend JOHNNY CASH has thrown himself into to his work and has been recording scores of new material since the death of his late wife JUNE CARTER CASH.

Once again, I am so all over this! When June died, I figured there were two paths Cash might take -- 1) remove himself from the public eye alltogether and soon follow June into the next life, or 2) wrap himself into a bold project, stay busy, and triumph. Sad to say, I was really expecting the former -- June has been such an incredible force of good in Johnny's life, and with her death, I expected Johnny to be not far behind. Especially coupled with the overall tone of his last album, American IV: The Man Comes Around (see especially the song We'll Meet Again) -- which I speculated would be his final album with new material, I am completely overjoyed that it appears as though my fears may be unrealized and Cash is engrossing himself in a bold, new project. I mean, I was happy enough at the prospect of a box set comprised of material from some of the Rick Ruben sessions. The idea that an entire new album with new material may be forthcoming is almost too much to hope for!

Mad props go out to Google News Alerts for delivering my daily dose of Johnny Cash crack.

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First B&P: Kingfish

I got my first B&P returned to me today. It was a one disc SHN of a Kingfish show from 1974. I extracted the audio to my computer and gave it a listen. I really enjoyed it. They've got pretty cool versions of "Big Iron" and "I Hear You Knockin'" on it. It was especially cool that the CD included a JPG suitable for use as a CD cover!

When I get a CD burner, I will be dangerous.