August 28th, 2003

Johnny Cash

MTV Video Music Awards

I can't believe to what lengths I'll go in order to get some Johnny Cash fixes. I am currently suffering through the MVT Video Music Awards because Johnny's "Hurt" video was nominated in 6(?) categories. I already know Cash isn't at the show -- he's in the hospital with stomach problems. That's too bad, 'cause it would have been very cool for Cash to be at the MTV show.

So now I'm suffering through Chris Rock's mean-spirited monologue and crazy, absurd fashion because Johnny Cash might get mentioned later in the broadcast. Or, even better, that I might see his video again.

Tony Hawk's cool, though.

Shamed at Shane's

Yesterday, I joined my buddies repast and drjekyll for a round of sporting clays. The important thing is that I had fun, right? Well, I had lots of fun. I even broke a true pair, which I was pretty impressed with. That counted for two of the nine clays I broke in all. Out of fifty. That's right -- eighteen percent. Pretty crummy, but it was still fun.

I did learn that if you yell like a hillbilly when you break a clay, it's a lot of fun for everyone.
Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash: It was not to be

Well, I wasted three hours of my life watching the MTV VMA hoping to see Johnny Cash pick up some awards. The only thing I saw him awarded was Best Cinematography -- an award they gave out 5 minutes before the show started. Oh, well. It wasn't a total waste. I've now seen enough MTV to get me through the next several years, probably. Has our culture really sunk as low as the MTV VMA would indicate it has? Plus, I've been battling a summer cold since this afternoon, so I've been pretty much just lying about all evening anyway. I hope my head clears up while I sleep tonight.

[Edit: detritus said it better -- Johnny Cash was robbed.]
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