September 8th, 2003


Sore head

Jimminy Cricket! On my way back to the car after lunch today, I slammed my head into a light fixture hanging on the outside of the building. Apparently it made a loud noise. Several old men who were standing around outside kept asking if I was OK and were amazed that I took such a hit and was still standing. Mrs. Mellow confirmed that I didn't cut myself and we went on. But Jimminy Cricket! that smarts.

On the subject of wearing nice clothing

I quite enjoy "dressing up." I enjoy wearing ties. Even though it's perfectly acceptable to wear jeans and a t-shirt at my place of employment, I rarely do. "Business casual" slacks and shirts with buttons all the way down are the typical order of the day for me.

Today, I wore "nice" slacks, a tie, and a jacket. It's pretty funny the number of comments I got about my attire, some of which was questioning if I had a job interview today. Of course, when I mentioned my choice of clothing was dictated by the funeral I [was attending later | had attended earlier ], the joker usually clams up and starts taking their foot out of their mouth. This is the second time at this job that I've gone to a mid-day funeral, and the same people are making the same jokes. It's kinda funny to watch from this side. On the other hand, a few other people mentioned something about it in a non-joking manner and weren't surprised when I said I had a funeral.

I think it would be pretty cool if I could wear a tie (or not) to work and it not be a big deal either way. Maybe I'll start wearing ties every now and then for no reason.

The funeral, by the way, was great. It wasn't unexpected -- it was for an 87 year old lady who has been in the hospital a lot lately. Her service was a great celebration of her life. I'm glad that the church is close enough and my work is flexible enough that I was able to take off a few hours today and attend.

[Edit: When I *do* have a job interview to go to, I generally take the entire day off from work anyway. There's a couple of reasons -- most IT job interviews are multi-hour deals anyway, and it also avoids the interview jokes that dressing above business casual usually provokes.]