October 19th, 2003


Best. Concert. Ever!

OK, maybe not "ever," but last night's Hayseed Dixie show in Asheville was better than the one in Raleigh. I think. I'm still not sure -- I'll have to think on it a little bit.

It was definitely different enough to be entertaining to see them two nights in a row. We talked with the band members before and after the show and they were really appreciative to see that we made the trek from Raleigh to Asheville. Last night, they even did a little mini-tribute to Johnny Cash, which I really dug. They played a pretty cool version of "Delia."

The show was over by about two and we rolled back home about five. I quickly jumped in bed for a couple of hours worth of napping. I'm all up and awake now -- but I'm pretty sure I'm running on adrenaline, so we'll see how far I go -- and more importantly (and perhaps more fun to watch), when and how hard I crash. I've got a busy day planned today, but I think I'll be able to pull off a couple more hours of sleep between teaching Sunday School and heading out for the catt picnic, so I might just make it through OK.

Sleep Deprivation: A Poem

Home again, home again. Jiggity-jig.
Sleep deprivation? A deal not so big.

OK. I didn't say it was a good poem. The point is that I'm back home. I'm too tired to properly describe the great deal of fun I had today and this evening, so I'll save that for another time. Short version: 1) the catt reunion was pretty cool -- I enjoyed catching up with some of my old buddies and 2) supper with friends was very cool, consisting of yummy food and great conversation.

Note to self: get deftly to tell me the name of that sleep deprivation drug that has been approved for wider use. Not that I'm interested in getting it, but I am interested in finding out more information about it.