October 24th, 2003



Jesus actor struck by lightning

I'm still really looking forward to this movie. It looks like they've already fallen victim to the legal hassles of the movie studios: "Originally titled The Passion, the film changed its title last week after Miramax claimed the rights to the title for one of its own projects, a historical epic based on a Jeanette Winterson novel." So it's being called "The Passion Of Christ" instead. I can't say that's a bad move.

Runaway Donuts

I just got back from seeing "Runaway Jury" this evening. It was quite
an enjoyable movie, even though I didn't care too much for the subject
matter of the trial in which the jury in question was being a runaway.
Regardless, it was pretty neat watching all of the characters play
their chess games of trying to manipulate the outcome of the trial.

Just after parking the car, as we were walking towards the theater, a
young man and two young ladies (think high school for all three) were
doing the same. The young man looked at me and asked if I wanted a "Hot
Now" Donut. I was taken aback a little and he repeated his question,
explaining that he had about a dozen of them that would just be getting
cold in the car while they were at the movie. I told him sure. He gave
me a donut and it was tasty.

It's neat to run into strangers in a movie theater parking lot who are
willing to share their donuts with you.