January 26th, 2004


Snow, et. al.

Yes, there's snow around here. I made it to the office today anyway. Good for me. If I wasn't so far behind on my current project, though, you could bet your bottom dollar that I'd be at home right now.

Yesterday was pretty cool, though. I played handbells at church, so I needed to be at church by eight o'clock in the morning. I had heard that we were supposed to get some nasty weather, so I was unsure of whether or not we'd actually have church, but when I got up and looked outside, there wasn't any show or ice or anything, so I got ready for church. When I walked outside, I swear I must have seen the very first flakes of snow. There was nothing on the ground or the cars or anything yet. Every few seconds, I spied a flake or two drift slowly to the ground.

It's been a long time since I've been outside when a snowfall starts. It's a really neat experience and I'm glad that I was around for it yesterday morning.

As an indication of how quickly it began to snow, for the first half of my (three mile) drive to church, I didn't need the windshield wipers on the truck at all. But for the second half, I needed the wipers going constantly -- at the lowest speed, but it was still constant.

By the time the early service was over, there was enough snow on the ground to show that it would be significant. And the snow was still coming. Since my church's policy is to *never* cancel the late service (a good policy most times, but backwards yesterday), I knew I'd be sticking around to play bells again in the late service. So I headed over to my Sunday School classroom to get ready for class, although I suspected that attendance would be extremely low.

As it turned out, essentially no one showed up for my Sunday School class -- which was great, because the weather was getting pretty bad by that point. Including myself, there were three people who showed up. Both of the other people who showed up for Sunday School were also at the early service. One of them was the class president, who I think stayed for Sunday School because he was already at church and if were were going to have class, the president of the class should be there. The other was the communion steward, who needed to stay until after the second service to clean up after communion anyway. The pastor convinced her that she should go home and someone else would be able to clean up after communion, so she went home. Obviously, we didn't have Sunday School.

Attendance at the late service was very light. I counted 47. The early service was better attended, which almost never happens, but I'm not surprised. About a quarter of the people in the late service were there because their spouse/parent was in the bell choir. By the time I left to go home, there was about three or four inches of snowfall.

I had planned to go back to the office yesterday, but I just stayed home in the snow. If it starts to snow/ice/rain/something today, I'm headed home. But it is nice to be able to work on a computer with a large monitor and listen to my music without having to use headphones. I expect to be rather productive today.