April 17th, 2004


Virtual Church

Someone's set up a virtual church. It'll be interesting to see what happens with this.

Normally, I might have some insightful commentary on something like this, but I am starting to get sleepy, so I'll just post the link and hope that my faithful readers can provide the insightful commentary.
flying monkey

Canada Geese

I've noted before (here and here) that I'm not really a fan of the Canada goose. They're beginning to become a nuisance at my place of employment. So much so, that the Property Manager sent out an email to everyone in the building today:

We have had lots of questions brought to our attention about the wild geese that we have here on our premises. We know that they have been known to be real aggressive toward our employees. We do know the geese are nesting and laying the eggs at this time. We do have one out in the front walkway of our [address] building in one of the flower beds near [another building]. We have marked the area with an orange cone. I must tell you that they are very protective of their nest. I must also tell you they are protected by Federal regulations and should not be harmed. If they are harmed there could be fines and charges brought against you.

We thought it might be good to suggest a few things to provide further safety to all employees.

Suggestions we strongly recommend:
  • Try to avoid the geese, walk away from the area where they are nesting
  • Park in the back parking lot of the [address] building to avoid the nesting area
  • DO NOT feed the geese
  • Don't provoke the geese
  • If they start toward you clap your hands
  • Don't shout at them, they think you are provoking them
  • Don not run, they might chase you
Please cascade this email to all your teams.

[Property Manager]
OK. So if a goose attacks me outside of the building, I'm supposed to clap my hands -- but I'm not supposed to provoke the geese. That litany of warnings reminded me of the Happy Fun Ball parody from SNL a few years back.

One of my coworkers quipped that he will not negotiate with the terrorist geese and that if they attacked him, he would be forced to retaliate.


I'm currently engaged in games of chess with two people out here in LiveJournalLand. Since I haven't explicitly asked their permission to mention the games publicly, I won't mention with whom I'm playing or give much detail on the game play. (FWIW, I grant permission to discuss any aspects the games publicly.) I'm getting my tush handed to me in one of the games, which is at move 19. The other game is only up to move 6 and my opponent and I are pretty evenly matched. Interestingly, both of my opponents have mentioned that they're taking this opportunity to experiment with their playing style a bit.

I quite enjoy this. It's been a few years since I've played chess. I've never been a great player, but I'm not terrible. We play these games by exchanging email with our moves, in the Algebraic System of chess notation. I've got a physical board for each game set up in order to keep up with what's going on. I've only messed up the notation twice so far -- once my physical board didn't match the true game board, and the second time I just plain typed the incorrect move. Both times, my opponent knew what I meant and corrected me, which was quite cool.

Like I said, lots of fun. It's pretty neat to really have the luxury of pondering the moves at a more relaxed pace, instead of sitting directly across the board from my opponent.

Sleepy Time!

My post about my recent lay speaker training class will have to wait for another day. It's 1:40am now, and my bout of restlessness, wanting to write, has passed. I'm going to go to sleep now.