August 15th, 2004


Lemon Ice Cream

We're making lemon ice cream for tonight's church ice cream supper. I think I'm going to make another batch when I get home from the supper, 'cause the lemon ice cream always gets eaten up really quickly.

I really enjoy this church function, 'cause lots of people bring lots of different kinds of ice cream. I get to try out all sorts of yummy flavors.

Well, I just heard the motor on the ice cream freezer quit turning, so I went up stairs and transferred the tub to the freezer so that the ice cream can solidify some more. The recipe we use for the lemon ice cream creates a very soft ice cream, so it really needs at least two hours after freezing in the ice cream freezer to freeze in the regular freezer.

The other reason I'm going to make a second batch when I get home tonight is that the ice cream tastes even better after freezing for a day or two.

Well, 2.5 more hours 'till it's time to go to the ice cream supper. Maybe I'll take a nap while watching the NASCAR race.

Announcing drmellow_flickr

I just created drmellow_flickr as the syndicated account to catch pictures I upload to my Flickr Photostream. Mostly, these will be pictures that I send from my camera phone, but it might include other pictures as I play around with Flickr some more. These pictures may or may not appear in my normal (drmellow) blog as well. It looks like the RSS feed includes the description that I enter, which is is cool -- when I use the "auto post to LJ" feature, it only posts the picture, not the description. If you do decide to follow drmellow_flickr and make comments on any of the entries, just be aware that I may or may not see them since I won't get email notifications for them because it's a syndicated LJ account.

Anyway, Flickr seems fun to play with.