September 11th, 2004


Movie Quote Pop Quiz

Name the movie this quote is from. I just finished watching it a few minutes ago.

We may have to stop just a minute for the church to get out of the way.

First one to correctly identify the movie gets a point. If you can identify it without the aid of Google, the IMDB, or similar means, you get a bonus point. Interestingly, this quote did make it into IMDB, but worded slightly differently than the version I lifted from the DVD.

Anyway, the movie has more memorable quotes than the one I selected for the pop quiz, but this particular quote just kinda hit me as interesting while I watched the film tonight.



Congratulations for asqmh and captain_phil for correctly knowing that the movie quote in last night's quiz came from Deliverance. The particular scene that generated that quote was near the end of the movie when the main characters were driving through town and got stuck behind a church that was on the back of a truck. The church was being moved because the town was scheduled to be flooded since a dam was being built, an event that is described as the best thing that ever happened to this town.