October 15th, 2004


Allman Brothers Band concerts

A few weeks ago, yarbiedoll and I had a weekend full of Allman Brothers Band goodness. It started when I cut out of work a little early on Friday (Oct 1) and we drove over to Raleigh to catch their show. We got there early enough to catch the tail end of the very opening act, which wasn't very impressive. We settled into our seats in plenty of time to catch Lynyrd Skynyrd, who was opening for the Brothers. I was very much decidedly unimpressed. It was really more like a heavily scripted Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band, and a bad tribute band at that. Oh, well, I got to yell "Play Freebird" and have a band actually play it, so that was something.

During the break, we went out to get some refreshments and yarbiedoll got a call on my cell phone informing her that she won the contest for upgraded seats that we signed up for when we got in the pavilion. That was pretty cool, and it was nice to enjoy the show up closer. They played a lot of great songs, including Blue Sky, which they rarely play now. They encored with my favorite Allman Brothers Band song, Whipping Post.

After the show, we headed over to The Lincoln Theatre to catch the Scrapomatic and The Yonrico Scott Band show. It was a great show (and thanks to my taper buddy Mark, I've got a soundboard copy to enjoy). We were hoping that Derek Trucks would show up, since he was playing with the Allman Brothers Band across town earlier that night. When we got to The Lincoln Theatre, we were very encouraged, because Derek's amp was set up (complete with his little Buddha). It turns out that Derek never showed up, but it was OK, because the show was great in its own right. After the show, Yonrico came out and shook everybody's hand and thanked them for coming out. It's a shame that the crowd was so sparse, because both Scrapomatic and The Yonrico Scott Band are really great. I also talked with Mike and Paul from Scrapomatic for a bit and picked up a copy of their CD. We listened to the CD several times the next day. It's good, but I really enjoy their live sound better than their studio work.

Finally, we went to yarbiedoll's parents' house (in Raleigh) and crashed, as it was getting close to three in the morning.

On Saturday, October 2, we got up and messed around a little bit, including meeting up with eagle243 and Mrs. Eagle, to pass along the computer equipment I was giving away. After lunch, we headed out to Charlotte so we'd be there in time to meet beeler and reba_quate and beeler's parents, who were joining us for the Charlotte show. We met up with them later than we had planned, but it was still in plenty of time to get to the show. We drove on over to the pavilion and had a great time at the show. Our seats were in the lawn this time, and it rained a little bit at the beginning, but it wasn't too bad. For the show itself, it was dry. Once again, Skynyrd sounded like a bad tribute band. Even worse, their show was exactly the same as the night before, except they said "Charlotte" instead of "Raleigh-Durham." It's always a bad sign when the band says "Raleigh-Durham" -- that means they only care about what airport they flew into. The Brothers, on the other hand, did another great show. A few songs were the same, but they also gave us some other songs to enjoy as well. For example, they did a great version of In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed. Once again, they encored with Whipping Post, which I enjoyed greatly.

One of the things that I really didn't like about the joint Skynyrd / ABB show as that the ABB set needed to shortened by about 30 minutes so that they wouldn't go over their alloted time. Essentially, that meant that they didn't play Mountain Jam at either of the shows. That's a shame, 'cause I really enjoy them jamming out on that. To compensate, I've been listening to audience copies of their shows from their run at the Beacon earlier this year.

At both the shows this year, I picked up a couple of copies of the Instant Live CDs of the show. I kept one of each show for myself and sold the other on eBay, which made me enough profit to cover our ticket cost for one of the shows. That was pretty cool.

I'm Unique Just Like Everybody Else, Too!

Swiped from several people whose journals I read. Please correct me if I'm wrong...

Name a CD you own that no one else on your friends list does. I'm going to go with either of the two Animal Logic (featuring Stewart Copeland, formerly of The Police) albums: Animal Logic or II.

Name a book you own that no one else on your friends list does. Any of the 12 volumes of The Interpreter's Bible Commentary Set. I received a used set as a gift from one of the members of my Sunday School class a few years ago. It's an invaluable resource.

Name a movie you own on DVD/VHS/whatever that no one else on your friends list does. Jack Frost. No, not the one with Michael Keaton, but the one with a mutant killer snowman.

Name a place that you have visited that no one else on your friends list has. The reason I decided to participate in this meme is so I would be able to answer this question with Anchorage, Alaska, 'cause I think that's pretty cool. However, after I started typing up my answers I realized that my brother, ccohoon, was also born in Anchorage, so that's not going to work. It's not fair, I tell you -- he was only about six weeks old when we moved! If only we had moved earlier, or he decided to gestate longer.... So now I'm faced with finding a place that I've been that my brother, my wife, or my parents haven't been. That makes it tougher. A lot tougher. I'm going to go out on a limb and hope that none of my local friends who are on LJ have been to Meadows Of Dan, Virginia. I've been up there a handful of times while riding my motorcycle. [Edit: slitterst and sidelobe have been to Meadows Of Dan, so I'm relying on Plan B.] In case someone's been to Meadows Of Dan (please speak up if you have), I'm going to go with something more granular than a city or town, and say The House Of Cash in Nashville (actually Hendersonville), Tennessee. I went there a few months before it closed to the public for good, but I showed up on of the very few days that they were closed -- it was around Thanksgiving. So, I just looked at the house from the road for a bit before going back to Nashville. (Thanks to yarbiedoll for the assist on this question, getting me to think of places I've been on my motorcycle or more granular places than towns.)

I'm least comfortable with my unique place answer, so if you've been to either Meadows Of Dan, Virginia or the House Of Cash, speak up so I can start thinking again.

OK, technically, I own the CD/book/movie with yarbiedoll, but I chose items that were either mine before we were married or were acquired specifically for me.

Edwards In Wisconsin

The Onion is reporting a transcript of John Edwards' most recent speech in Wisconsin. (Warning: profanity, and lots of it.) His answer to the war in Iraq:
Oh, that reminds me! God bless our troops in Iraq! They have served America bravely and well. If elected, John Kerry and I will work with the international community to rid the world of terrorism. In fact, come next Christmas, our young men and women will be back home, wearing bright red sweaters with reindeer and bells on the front. That might seem like an impossibly tall order, but just a few years ago, I was an unknown trial lawyer. Now, I'm running for the second-highest office in this great land! I'm smiling so wide, the top of my head might fall off!
In other election news, The Onion is also reporting that Cheney vows to attack U.S. if Kerry is elected. Even more exiting is that Cheney made his comments from Greensboro, where I live.
"If the wrong man is elected in November, the nation will come under a devastating armed attack of an unimaginable magnitude, one planned and executed by none other than myself," Cheney said, speaking at a rally in Greensboro, NC. "When they go to the polls, Americans must weigh this fact and decide if our nation can ignore such a grave threat."
For more campaign coverage, visit the Onion Election Guide

Verily, I am amused.
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